Predict the Price Range of Coins With 95% Accuracy

Private software developed for top hedge funds now available to the general public for the first time.

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Predict Coin Prices

By combining sentiment and technical analysis, Altcoin Alert can predict the price a coin will be in one hour with 95% accuracy.

Never Miss a Buy/Sell Target Again

Get buy/sell alerts based on highly accurate future predictions. Sent instantly to phone, email, or our dedicated Slack channel.

Trade the News... 
Without Reading the News

Trade the News... Without Reading the News

Altcoin Alert scans content from over 1,200 media conglomerates, and bakes any updates into up-to-the-minute predictions.

Filtering the Truth from the Noise

With an advanced NLP engine, Altcoin Alert uses only the most accurate data to make predictions… which is why it’s right so often. Not fooled by bots or bias!


Only Possible in Partnership With The TIE

Crypto is a movement. Unlike traditional stocks, coin prices are not based on revenue, assets, or expenditures.

The price of a coin moves up or down based on sentiment. How the crypto movement feels about that coin, at that exact moment.

Altcoin Alert is the first software to accurately track and analyze sentiment on a super-massive scale. With that much data, we can predict the price of a coin in one hour with 95% accuracy.

At Crypto 101, we work every day to bring this movement to the general public. And with Altcoin Alert, we’ve made it possible for you to succeed like never before.

Altcoin Alert scans breaking news worldwide from over 1,200 top media conglomerates. When positive or negative news is released, we calculate that into price predictions. Updated for you instantly.

The Altcoin Alert Dashboard

On your dashboard you can see a list of over 300 top coins. As new projects launch, they’re added to the dashboard.tell

With the intuitive design, you can’t miss when a coin is on the verge of breaking out. Enjoy advanced warning for dips and peaks, and trade with confidence.

Real Time Alerts - Never Miss A Trade Again

Knowing when to buy and sell is one of the biggest anxieties for traders. Altcoin Alert gives you peace of mind.

With a sophisticated alerts system, you’ll know when to make a trade no matter where you are. You’ll see updates on your dashboard. And you’ll also get them on your email, phone, and through our dedicated Slack channel.

Altcoin Alert takes the stress out of crypto so you can focus on the profits.

Get Direct, Advice and Updates

Altcoin Alert is the most advanced crypto tool on the market today.

And on top of getting early, accurate price predictions within a range, you’re also going to get expert guidance from Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone.

Make trades never before possible on a daily basis. Always stay an hour ahead of the market.


Altcoin Alert is the edge crypto traders are looking for. We’ve made the price affordable to all, ensuring Altcoin Alert more than pays for itself on a daily.
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